Francisco Torres Rebajes

Rbl7. “Leaves Set,” Rebajes 1941-42. Manufacturer Rebajes Metal Art Craftsmen. Designer Francisco Rebajes.
Set made up of lariat style copper necklace with leaf-shaped finals, copper cuff bracelet anodized on the inside with a leaf motif, leaf-shaped screwback copper earrings. Necklace total length: 47cm: bracelet width: 3.2cm: earrings 4cm.
Marked Rcbajcoc. The earrings are unmarked.
Rbl8. “Kinetic Face Pendant Necklace,” Rebajes 1941-42.
Manufacturer Rebajes Art Metal Craftsmen. Designer Francisco Rebajes.
Copper necklace with pendant, depicting an abstract-style face, with mobile forehead, nose and mouth. Pendant 7 x 4.5cm.
Marked Rebajes.