r 25

Solomon Finkelstein

R25. “Men from Mars,” Reja 1945’ Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.
Not patented.
Pair of gold-plated brooches of “Martians”. The body is made of a large drop-shaped blue stone, the face of a drop-shaped ruby red stone, the feet are made of a large triangular blue stone, the arms and shaft of citrine stones, and the headdress of rhinestones. The two brooches have slightly different sizes: 7.5cm and 7x4cm.
Marked Reja Sterling.
The name and design of the brooches, complete with matching clip earrings that reproduce only the head of the Martian, are mentioned in WWD, 2nd March 1945, which remarks on the unusual subject and on the fantastic color combination of the stones. The subject is defined by the name given to it by WWD, though, actually, the figures are strangely regal looking, as hinted at by their headdresses which resemble royal crowns and by the shaft which is very much like a scepter. It is possible that, as shown by the design reproduced in WWD, the brooches were not conceived of as a pair, and their remarkable size and identical design seem to suggest this. However, if this were the case, the different markings used would be difficult to explain. In effect one brooch bears the complete trademark- Reja Sterling – whereas the other is simply marked sterling, as was common for pairs of brooches.