r 27

Solomon Finkelstein

R27. “Balinese Masks,” Reja 1945. Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.
Not patented.

A Balinese rauk shows the delicately angular face of a man. The headdress Is of colored stoaei and rhinestones, and simulated erner- alds are used for the eyes. A curved molded look is typical of all of Beja’s cast merchandise. Hatching earrings are tiny replicas of the pin.
WWD, July 13. 1945: “Balinese Mask” by Reja.
Pair of gold-plated sterling brooches of Balinese or Javanese masks with strongly marked features, emphasized by colored enamel accents, wearing tiaras ornamented with colored stones, and with black enamel hair and carved eyes and mouth. King 7.3 x 4cm; Queen 5.8 x 4.5cm.
Marked Reja Sterling.
Both brooches are marked. The male mask was called “Balinese Mask” by WWD, which reproduced this design in its 13,h July 1945 issue. The brooches were conceived of as a pair, since there is a male and female version of the same subject, however they are not complementary and are therefore valuable also as single brooches.