r 3

Solomon Finkelstein

R3. “Blue Carnation,” Deja-Reja 1941.
Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.
Not patented.
Rhodium-plated metal brooch, blue and white enamel, pearl in the center, rhinestones, in the shape of a carnation. 9 X 6.8cm.
Marked Deja-Reja.
Owing to Dujay having successfully sued the company for brand name similarity, Deja had to change its name to Reja. The change should have taken place from Is’ April 1941, however, as early as 17th January 1941 Deja announced in WWD its change of name to Reja Inc. The choice of the new name Reja was probably due to the fact that the “D” of Deja could easily be re-engraved as “R” without too much difficulty and the company could therefore still sell the goods that had already been manufactured under the name Deja.
This brooch actually has both names engraved on it: with a poorly corrected Deja on the stem, and Reja on a petal. This allows for a precise dating of the brooch.