r 36

Solomon Finkelstein

R35. Africana. Congo Belle Reja 1946
Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.
Not patented.
Set made up of gold-plated sterling pin clip and earrings with black and red enamel, depicting an
Ubangi head wearing an elaborate headdress with for engraved gold-plated feathers and. in the middle.
six opalescent blue cabochons (only one cabochon in the earrings), red enamel lips and pupils, eyes with
small rhinestones, double loop earrings (only in the pin clip), high collar made of stacked rings. Pin clip 7 x 6cm;
earrings 2cm.
Pin clip marked Reja Sterling. Earrings marked Sterling taV
Pat. Pend. The Pat. Pend. mark refers to the clip mechanism.
The series “Africana by Reja” was presented in an article (liV which appeared in WWD, ll,h January 1946, which stated
that the series was made up of four models, called: “Ubangi, ” LJI SESSISSc x “Nubian Head, ” “Witch Doctor” and “Congo Belle, ” respectively. It is interesting to note that the subjects were inspired by ethnic and cultural subjects from equatorial and north-eastern Africa and were designed with accuracy, denoting a certain knowledge of the subject, possibly derived from an exhibition or fashion based on African motifs and colors. Three of these brooches – “Ubangi, ” “Witch Doctor” and “Nubian Head” – were patented and appeared in an advertisement in Harper’s Bazaar, February 1946, with the trademark “Africana by Reja”. The fourth was not patented and did not appear anywhere else.
“Ubangi” was only made in this version with black enamel and is the most beautiful of the series, and also the largest and most accurate both in terms of materials and workmanship. Ubangi is the name of the inhabitants of Ubangi Shari, a French colony in equatorial Africa, which became independent in 1958 and renamed itself the Central African Republic.
R36. “Africana”: “Ubangi,” Reja 1946. Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.