r 8

Solomon Finkelstein

R8. “Totem Pole, Reja 1941.
Manufacturer Reja, Inc.
Designer Solomon Finkelstein.
Not patented.
Gold-plated metal brooch, red, black and sky blue enamel, colored rhinestones, depicting a totem pole. 10.5 x 2.5cm.
Marked Reja Reg.
The “Totem Pole” is part of the first collection of items manufactured by Reja after its name change. The collection was featured in VJVJD, 28th March 1941, which described it as being: “A lapel series called “King Arthur’s Knights” and executed in antique-finished gold or silver metal with tiny rhinestones is a new jewelry group at Reja Costume Jewelry, a firm which formerly traded as Deja and is now in new quarters at 377 Fifth Avenue. Biggest promotional group here in enameled metal jewelry is a collection of vegetables, fruit and nuts to supplement a variety of flower pieces. Nicely designed and colored, the pieces include decorative stalks of celery, bunches of scallions, strawberries, a cucumber studded with tiny green stones and a pea pod with pearls for peas. There are little vegetable earrings to match and charm bracelets dangling miniatures. In addition to the flower spray group, there is a line of dogs of all breeds, in enamel and rhinestones, and others of flying seagulls and tropical fish.
An Indian item is a long, brightly colored totem pole pin with matching earrings”.
The mark “Reg, ” that appears on only some of the items in this first series, stands for “registered” and demonstrates that the company had registered the new name.